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Magic in the air

Do you feel the magic ?.

The magic in the air....

Today it is the 5th of May 2021, and

it gives 555... What a beautiful number.

And in this writing moment I see the clock is 15:51..... I love this, and get always a smile when I see these coincidences of similar numbers.

Right now and in the last few weeks I see many of these similar numbers and I think you know it. You look at the clock without thinking about it, and there it is... Similar numbers.

All places in the world there are some symbols and meaning of numbers and their energy. Just to name some of them, Angels numbers, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Nine Ki, Religion, proverbs and statements.

Who does not know or have heard of the number ... 111... or 110... or ... 11:10... or ... 11:11...

Many places these numbers are known as angel numbers, number one after one...

I feel like saying, the number "ONE"

You are the number ONE, and the song from Queen shows up in my head " We are the champions my friend "

I definitely loves this song, and remember I damaged the sound speaker i my parents car in my younger years with this song.... Denmark won the World Cop in football, and we celebrated it with We are the champions on a Cd player.

Back to the numbers and the magic in the air.

In Numerology number 8 is the big destiny number, a number that it is said can go through many things in life. I`m personally born on the 8th. and I love this number. I see this number as a connection between heaven and earth, body and soul, night and day, yin and yang and of course the sign of infinity. I have noticed that the 8 or the infinity sign is in many of my art work, suddenly it turns up out of the blue. I love this magic in my artwork, connection between heaven and earth, magic in the air.

Maybe you know the 8:8 Lions gate portal, the 8th of August. On this day there are many who hold meditations and healing online in groups on Facebook or YouTube.

Numbers can also be used for movies and creepy situations, like the movie "A nightmare on Elm Street" Friday the 13th or the number 666 ....

We have numbers everywhere all over the world, in our birth day, address, phone number, prices, number of pages in books, weight, measuring, codes, year, month, days, hours, minutes and so on. What meaning do you give the numbers? do you registered them and do you have some favorites numbers you love more than others?

Back to the Magic in the air, today it is 5th of May 2021 and together it is 555.

Exactly this day is a very special day in Denmark. We call it "Independent day" it was the 5th May in1945 we get the liberation after the 2th world war. And I am sure that everyone was relieved to be free and ready to see with fresh eyes and feel the new beginning.

So let us feel the magic in the air in this moment wherever you are, and remember the number of 8, everything is a cycle, like night and day, the sun will always rises again and light the magic in the air.

With magic and love

Chèrie Inaya Kaas

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