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Goodbye and Hello... And who am i.....

Opdateret: 14. jun. 2021

Goodbye and Hello ... And who am I...

Who am I was a question I asked myself many times several years ago.


I had a very close relationship with stress, so much that it ended up with a long process and a daily task to get back to my life, my family and myself.. but who was I.

I could quickly tick off that I was a woman, mother, wife, over 40 years old, dark haired and a weight that had increased a little too much the last few years.....

I lived in a house, with a lovely garden in a small village, together with my family and our cats. And my last job position before stress was store manager....... Store manager... Yes, it was exciting at first, but was it finally what I wanted at why did I not stop before stress became a reality......

So many question, but most important of all was...... WHO AM I ........

FREEDOM was a word it constantly come to me.... FREEDOM.... FREEDOM....FREEDOM.

Goodbye to my old life with stress and Hallo to a new life in freedom.

Easy?.... NO.. but necessary because I wanted my life back, my joy, my freedom.

And here these words fit so well from The Beatles, Hello, Goodbye. For there was still a part of me who could not understand way..... and my mindset needed to change.....

You say "Yes"

I say "No"

You say "Stop"

And I say "Go, go, go"

You say "Goodbye"

And I say "Hello, hello, hello"

I don't know way

You say "Goodbye"

I say "Hello, hello, hello"

I don't know way

You say goodbye, I say hello.

My old mind and lifestyle was... Work before enjoying, so I had to learn to enjoy and do NOTHING, really nothing... and it was not only necessary due to stress but also OK to just say NO and lie down in the middle of the dag.

I had to learn and do new life strategies. I already know them all because since my young teens years I have been interested in self development, spirituality and mindset... but I was to busy to hunt the money, the conceited illusion of freedom and happiness.... it was my lifestyle without freedom an happiness.

My rescue, my turning point was a psychologist who reminded me of my childhood memories. The memories that made me happy, the ones I loved to make and what I could do for hours and hours.


Perfect "Your homework for next time is to illustrate for me what it was like, to go down with stress" I still remember the feeling I had when he said it... It was so scary, so powerful but also insightful a process I was going through, and I know that I was in good hands because he was the man who brought NLP to Denmark. He challenged me and guided me on my way back to my life. A life where I was free, free to be me. A phrase he said a few times is from Walt Diesny ...


Freedom, I want freedom, peace, silence, presence, happiness, love, laugh, singing, dancing, enjoy, life, color. To paint my life in the beauty of the rainbow color. Like the movement in the Northern lights, glittering in the stars, bright like the sun, the moon, and so lush and life giving as the earth....


I am free, free to do what I want. Creative, painting, drawing, cooking, gardening, decor and of cores my lovely family and friends, and all my followers.

I am so grateful for my family and their help, and especially a big big thank to my beloved husband who always has been there for me, always supported me and believe in me.

Here i am, in my life of color

I AM.....

Chèrie Inaya Kaas

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