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Every day -is a Blessing day

Every day I wake up

I always lie in my bed and meditate...

We can also call it a presence moment.

A total presence with my body

- How feel the body to day and how is

the emotion right now,

and which signals do I get.

Otherwise if it wasn't yours, you will not have noticed it wah

" Every day is a blessing dag "

write about it....

Every day is a blessing day, is a very beautiful and touching sentence.

Neither word or sentence are new, but sometime we have to hear it again and refreshed it in our mind.... Every day is a blessing day...

Try to close your eyes, relax a few minutes and breathe slowly in and out. Now you can say loud or inside yourself, the magic words several times....


How dos it feel - How do YOU feel?

What did the word awakens in you, arises and which emotion comes to you...

Do you feel sadness, touch, hopeful, inspired, grateful, love, connected, powerful or other, Now it is important to know, that everything you feel is right to you.

Otherwise if it wasn't yours, you will not have noticed it.....

So be honest to yourself, and believe in yourself and the feeling you have.

If it's a while since you have been

in the presence with your self

and listening to your soul

you can feel a kind of sadness

and maybe get tears in your eyes

and feel like homecoming.

" Homecoming "

from Colorfully World Artby Chérie

Let's get back to the words.... Every day is a blessing day.....

And yes, every day IS a blessing dag, every minute and second is blessing, and we can choose to se it as a blessing moment in the moment.

Every day is a blessing day

Every moment is a blessing moment

Every life is a blessing life - You are blessing

Your are divine energy, love, protected, hold and blessed

So be presence in the moment and feel the blessing in everyday life, and remember

Every day is a blessing day

With all my love, light and blessing


Colorfully World Artby Chérie

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